What WE (all of us) should aspire to

as·pire – to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, esp. for something great or of high value

As a church, we should know and understand the glory of God.    Sam Storms defines glory this way: “Glory is what you see and experience and feel when God goes public with His beauty.”

The church is where God goes public with His beauty.

  • Where lives are CHANGED (and being changed) by the gospel
  • Where love is sacrificial, steady, faithful, and pure
  • Where sweet unity exists in the midst of great diversity
  • Where comfort and encouragement are frequent and normal
  • Where Jesus is seen and His ministry and word are lived out
  • Where forgiveness, forbearance, and patience flows
  • Where truth is loved and lived
  • Where grace is not just a word, but is manifest actions

The list could go on.  All the above, when lived out, showcases the power, work, and mission of God — it declares His beauty.

As a church, ALL OF US should be “aspiring” to display God’s glory.   Where “the church” makes public God’s beauty as we (the church) go off to work and school; as we talk with our spouses; as we interact with our children; as we hang out with each other; as we go to family gatherings, work parties, or community meetings.

May God lead and empower Country Bible Church to aspire to showcase God’s glory.


About David

I am a husband, father, and pastor. Greatest of all, though I don't deserve it, I am a child of God.
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